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  • “My computer was in a mess I was doing my work and I was not able to find a local shop on last Saturday night. My computer has been completely taken over by department of justice cyber scam, I didn’t know what it was, I couldn’t access my desktop at all so scared I thought I would be put into prison. I was on my phone to get solutions then I found MiTechMate, Jacob was very professional and patient, he got me out from the blocked --screen problem. I cannot say thanks you enough.” -- Amy M. S, United States.

  • “That was magic and was incredibly effective. Although I had tried many instructions online but quite useless. Got stuck and found video guide from Youtube and I contacted the MiTechMate support on my phone. The guys fixed my problem within 30 minutes.” So grateful. Jane Harrison, Germany.

  • “It is worth the price, 66 bucks. Kind of appreciation for helping me with win32 CA Trojan horse. Your guide Leo deserve a promotion.” -- Steven Hare, United States.

  • “I opened a session from a website, providing mixi dj toolbar removal guide. I was quite confused how to do it by myself. I realized that I cannot complete it with that registry thing. A session came out and really nice to talk to Jesse, she took it out from my browser extension. Quite good and professional. “ --Victoria a Brow, Germany.

  • “I was attempting to uninstall the banner “this is not a joke, you are the 1000 winner”. I just cant figure out. The guy seemed to have changes on my setting and I have on idea, that was complicated for me. But it’s excellent. I am appreciated.” --Mark Loberg, Switzerland.
  • MiTechMate 24/7 online tech team is committed to help you solve all PC problems and make you smile with satisfaction. All the friendly MiTechMate guys hope to become your dear friend and provide timely help for you when you get upset by computer issue.

  • At MiTechMate, our entire team is made up of 
    professionally trained IT experts with Microsoft 
    Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) & Micros
    oft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) cer
    tificationsand rich computer fixing experience. All staff at MiTechMate have enough skill in dealing with Windows and Mac OS to identify any Computer problems.

By offering friendly and knowledgeable 24/7 PC guard service, MiTechMate team has

been indentified as approachable guardians for home-PC or company groups. We

make sure that your problems would be accurately diagnosed and solved.

We can fix every problem

in your computer

MiTechMate team is 24/7 available, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are hereby

certificated that your computer problems would be solved with affordable expense,

advanced PC skill and attentive spirit.


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